I am a visual artist producing portraits, wildlife and landscape work.

I grew up in the midlands and have since lived in St Albans, Devon, Brighton and London, spent some time in South Africa and have generally enjoyed travelling about a bit.

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and have a B-Tec Diploma in General Art and Design and a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art.

Since graduating I have worked on various projects involving paint effect and mural painting, glass and tile mosaics, making models and props for both public displays and for private clients.  I have also made props and scenery for the theatre and have worked as an architectural model maker.  I have a broad range of experience working in a variety of materials towards both functional and decorative ends.

My earlier work is greatly inspired by the sea and I also enjoy painting landscapes, people and animals.  I work in a representational style with a focus on tonal qualities, often with a strong source of light.  I have developed my drawing and painting skills by attending figure drawing and portraiture groups, classes and workshops.  I enjoy working with charcoal which allows me to work expressively and lends itself to being shifted around the paper and areas of light to be lifted off.  Likewise with graphite I explore the capabilities of the medium and variety of mark making achievable by both applying and removing the graphite.   I also apply this technique to my watercolour paintings where I look for the subtleties of colour found within skin tones.  I rely on being able to shift the pigment around the paper and the ability to lift the pigment off for areas of light.

I continue to exhibit and sell my work and take commissions.

Since 2000 I have been living and working in Edinburgh.